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Pilots Of Consciousness

Destination Elevation

Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single


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1f916 Briibuu-bi-bluuuu bleuuup 1f916 Super Super Rare and Unknown stuff from the US, once again. One copy left, MINT ! A1 & A2, More i listen more i'm in love with. Read for those interested in the composition of each track, and why i think its a unique late 90's Leftfield Breaks that will not be able to find again any time soon... 27a1-fe0f [Playfull] A1.... E Motion Drop : What a journey... The track is a continuous joy, playing with our heart, from the first to the last note. The first minute it's a strange Breaks with robotic voices, that become more and more an Early US Breaks from Florida ( middle way from progressive trance and comum Breaks ). A lot of subtle things can be heard here, the saliva that rolls in the background after the end of each sentence positioned in another layer. The rhythm that literally breaks down the tempo so many times, with off-beat. The piano changes its sonority. It's like listening to an EP in one track. 1:56 The piano paired with the synth is unique. 3:00 A space battleship begins with high frequencies jumping around the head, one of my best parts. After this it's just pure love. 4:00 Dancing part, with much more techno feeling, simpler, cleaner, is just super cool... This part its 100% Florida Beat. 6:00 Slow part. 8:00 My Best part. 2764-fe0f2764-fe0f My best part it's the end one, with the guitare coming and all the lovely sound remaining from it. 2728 5/5 1f4a3 [Dancing] A2.... Destination Elevation : Great deep, dark, BreakBeat, Jungle, Techno... Normally I don't like much voices, but this epidermal ultra deep and noisy voice yelling "Destination Elevation" from the beginning of the track, it's just hypnotic and insane. The mixing here is great, well balanced, with stranges sounds from the right side to the middle, and coming back to the extreme right. The opening field is great too, very rare in this kind of sound ! 2764-fe0f 2:26 Change totally, with a joyful high frequency. really, cool. The end it's animated for a voice in the background repeating in loop " i'm so free" that add another layer of depth. 4+/5 1f47e [Hypnotic] B.... Welcome To The Higher Level : Spatial Breaks, Jungle. The subwoofer will cry with this one, the spec drops until 44hz... I let you imaginate the crowd in front of you feeling with their body the sub hahaha... It's like being in a video game, everything it's smooth, easy, almost 8bit. The mixing, and production in this one it's great. Need to be listened with good material, because the sound it's clear, precise, dense, euphoric. Maybe just too frontal ? 2728 *The price is super, I never listened a Breaks like this before, it's unique in so many ways ! **Hope that i'll not be the only one to see how much this is great.

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styles:Acid, Breaks, Leftfield
format:Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single

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Pilots Of Consciousness - Welcome To The Higher Level [HYPNO-001]


founded: 26
contributed: 100
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