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KollektivX is a new standard of daily music discovery for music enthusiasts interested in less known material for work and pleasure.
*Сuts, nuggets, killers and holy grails

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the merrier!

KollektivX crowdfunding tools and your digging expertise create opportunities like never before. Welcome to the most effective tool to collect and purchase music.

*We make gems available to people with tight budgets too

We know all
about record digitization*!

Our collective research institution aims to unearth and document rarified sounds before they vanish.

*Djs, producers, collectors and music heads from around the globe gathered together to preserve the musical heritage.

We are all
Contributors & Founders*!

Founders are members who find interesting projects and offer them for Kollektiv funding. Contributors are members who support and crowdfund the record. These roles are not mutually exclusive.

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