Discover records and preserve the musics of the world

Unearthing and documenting musics of the world. KollektivX is the best place for music lovers to discover rare records before they vanish.
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The best place
to discover new music

KollektivX tools and your digging expertise create opportunities like never before. Thousands of music collectors, curators, DJs, and record diggers from all over the globe come together to share and crowdfund obscure vinyl records, CD’s and rare cassette tapes.

original music artists

Our Fund for Original Music Artists is the first step in making long-lost music celebrated again, and a cornerstone of how KollektivX wants to revive and support forgotten music and the artists that created it. With every completed project, the KollektivX community helps to set funds aside that will go directly to the original artists or their relatives.

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best placebest place

We know all about
record digitization

Enjoy high resolution music and some of the most incredible forgotten releases. We offer audiophile quality sound digitization and innovative digging and discovery tools for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Never miss out
on a record you want

With our Wantlist Tool you can continuously monitor those records you’ve been after for a while and get instant notifications the moment they become available. Be the first to secure a copy and start a new project.

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We are all Founders
& Contributors

Founders are community members who find an interesting record, CD or cassette tape and start a new project to preserve and digitize it via Kollektiv funding. Contributors are members who support the project via crowdfunding. Cuts can be bought until the project is 100% funded. The roles of founder and contributor are not mutually exclusive.

All investments are returned to the founder & contributors if the project doesn’t fully fund or doesn’t reach the archival phase.

analogue media

Help fund the preservation and digitization of some of the most precious world music songs and protect them for future generations. Together we can keep incredible music alive.

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